At One Body Fitness our mission is to provide you with a superior training experience in a state of the art facility that provides the aesthetic comfort of a chic urban spa while offering complete privacy and a transforming program catered to your unique fitness goals. After your session, you will leave feeling re-energized as if you were just visiting an exclusive spa rather than a gym.

The professional trainers at One Body Fitness guide your fitness transformation to achieve your best physique through gentle motivation, nutrition, and exercise in the shortest amount of time. The end transformation will be the most aesthetically appealing self that your unique body can reflect. At One Body Fitness , we focus on improving the whole person from the inside out by boosting the metabolism, through diet and exercise, to reverse the aging process, increase energy, improve sleep and decrease anxiety.

One Body Fitness provides you with an exceptional fitness experience that no other gym or personal trainer in the area can match; a diet plan individually catered to your specific needs, an exercise plan for your desired results, a state of the art private gym, and the best certified personal trainers to actualize your goals. One Body Fitness is able to offer something extraordinarily unique: a private setting for personal training with over $200,000 in sophisticated state of the art equipment in a 1250 sq ft facility for the client's sole use. That means it is just you, your trainer and no hassles.

Originally founded in 2001 as an in home personal training service by Howie Machek, One Body Fitness has transformed into a fitness powerhouse within the atmosphere of a tranquil urban spa in Naperville, IL. We work with everybody to achieve every goal level from the general population to the elite athlete. At One Body Fitness each and every session is all about you and your needs to succeed. We are here to fill you up with inspiration to help you improve your health and achieve your fitness goals.

Independence is a necessary component to have continued success in health and fitness. We will provide you with the education and knowledge to live a fitness lifestyle without a personal trainer. No matter if you train 12 or 120 sessions, One Body Fitness will use that valuable time to transform you into an independent workout machine.

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